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The not-so-new sport of snowboarding was finally recognized and meant a huge victory for serious snowboarders across the globe.

A collection of snowboarding tricks and stunts was released on video in 1996.

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There have been many attempts at developing a modern snowboard.

In 1965, the were sold in 1966 but they were never seen as more than a child's plaything even though organized competitions began to take place.

In the year 1994 snowboarding was finally declared an Olympic event, much to the delight of fans.

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The year 1969 brought a slightly more sophisticated snowboard based on the principles of skiing combined with surfboard styling. This was nothing more than a plastic shell covered with a top surface like that of a skateboard, but at the time it was considered a major advance in the little known sport of snowboarding.

The first national snowboard race was held in the area outside Woodstock and was known as The race consisted of a steep downhill run called The Face in which the main goal was probably mere survival.

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