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Actually i don't think Joon is talkative in variety, he just talks when being asked.When I watched IC it reminds me of him few years ago so much that I fall all over again XD But I agree that something is different between now and before, tho I can not tell what it is. @Ellie I wonder if you watched the recent vids of him in Phuket, he looked very happy and playful there.I hope one day Lee Joon will get his breakthrough role and be as popular as Jo In Sung. I love your acting as Ahn jung Hee in Father i strange. But the important thing I am sure for him is to be told he is a good or rather great actor. It is amazing that so many pop idols become good actors and Lee Joon is certainly no exception to that. Lee Joon was right in drama Abeoji Isanghae, he is arguably most handsome man on the planet. Sent From Heaven, IRIS II, & Ninja Assassin are my favorite productions, and I'm pretty sure Father is Strange will be too once it's ended. Lee Joon how happy, excited, and how much I loved his recent melodramas that he performed and was terrific in. I hope that one day, I can meet him and tell him in person how much I appreciate his work.I realised that a good role/ drama selection is essential in building up an actor popularity because though I do like his previous 2 works, Ahn Joong-Hee is the one which finally made me took real interest in him as an actor (I might have love him sooner if I am into Kpop and know about MBLAQ). I sincerely hope he gets many offers and that we will see him often in many different spheres. Stay most handsome man on the planet Lee Joon oppa! I admire him for his hard work and hopefully he is recognized and respected for being a fine, young, inspirational actor. Wishing him all the very best, good health, good luck and good fortune.although ikr lee joon hve a gf (sad) i still loved lee joon.u and park hae jin (psychopath in drama bad guys) will always be my favourite Oppa you really awosome. Lee Joon's definitely one of the best korean actors out there. Baek and you really suit the role of Choi Dae-Han, you looked so mature and having second thoughts of the Lee Joon who is really really funny and a great sport in Running Man...anyways, go fighting!! please come to Indonesia soon :) I'm your fans from Indonesia :) ) ) Lee Joon oppa fighting !!!! you are absolutely looking like pshyco and i wanna see you like that projects.

He always gives his best performance and I love that about him. It's a pity that he is not nominated for any KBS awards this year because he is currently in the military service, he really deserves one. We'll be waiting for you ❤️ I cannot believe he was not nominated with Somin for best couple at KBS award. KBS advertised their love story the most when Father was Strange was on the air. On a good note, I hope he stay healthy and safe while he is on his military service.Lee Joon is back again on variety show, the last time I watched him in Infinity Challenge he is still the babo joon! For his darkness aura,perhaps it's because he's suffer from Bipolar Disorder and stuff.He's looking more handsome than before as he gain weight and he looks very charming looking, his smile swoon me! I really hope he get better soon,doesn't have to be back to 'cheerfull' but at least,he can enjoy his life to the fullest. To be honest he's very very good actor, but I don't like how he has grown to be so dark!Lee Joon as Ryoo Tae-Oh (Gapdong) and Ma Suk-Woo (Woman with a Suitcase) are like totally different person from Ahn Joong-Hee. Good health Oppa Ah i just knew that you go for conscription already. And i hope you can be in more more movies or drama after go back from military! xoxo i just saw a bts twitter post from their debut days cationed with MBLAQ sunbaenim...Those 2 characters were the one I rooted and loved in the dramas. Unlike some overrated famous actor who carry the same expression and way of talking in different roles which sometimes make me confuse that I am watching a different drama. I just finished watching father is strange and falling in love with you ahaha you are so cute and charming when you are in love in that movie. V was leaning on Lee joon in the ic and lee joon was thin that time and both looked a lil bit similar might be my oinion i love his dorky personalities since debut as an idol with MBLAQ (and im A ) but i love him more now when he is an actor. i really enjoy his latest drama "My Father is Strange" hope to see u more oppa! It is sad that most comments here just focus on the fact that this actor is good-looking - of which there is no doubt.

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