Latin cupid dating

Of course, an older guy can do very well on Thai Friendly and a younger guy can do just as well on the other.

If you’re looking for a serious relationship and maybe even eventually a wife, then I would recommend Thai Cupid and if you are primarily looking for a bit of fun and willing to work for it, then Thai Friendly is the best choice. Both sites have a lot of girls who are each unique and with their own motivations, so whatever your situations, both sites are good choices.

Thai Cupid is a site that is popular in all of Thailand, while Thai Friendly is most popular in Bangkok and to a lesser degree Chiang Mai.

Thai Friendly has younger members on average, both guys and girls, while Thai Cupid has more women from late twenties and up.

Just a few years ago there wasn’t much debate on which dating site to choose in Thailand. That has changed in the last couple of years with Thai Friendly emerging as a strong competitor.

Thai Friendly is a free site, but with a Premium membership that allows you to message girls more frequently and not have to wait 20 minutes between each message.

Pictures that show you doing cool stuff or doing interesting hobbies are also always a hit.Thai Cupid has the better functionality by a good margin, while Thai Friendly is a pretty basic site.Thai Friendly has a separate ‘Ladyboy’ gender choice, which means you don’t have to worry as much about running into these on the site (unless you want to), while Thai Cupid doesn’t.If you are in shape (for your age), don’t be afraid to show it with a picture of you at the beach or doing something active with your t-shirt off.I’d not recommend taking pictures of your torso in the mirror or something like that though. Let’s say you put up some good pictures and write a decent profile.

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