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I never put on more than two sprays of it (as I do with most other fragrances too). I believe not many wear it today in my country (if it ever even was popular or wellknown here?! Then and now: It was 1987 and I was in the same department store I practically grew up in.Like few others here, I like it better on clothes/hair, than skin only. The front counters had the newest fragrances and eventually, the core line was moved farther back.But the word "heliotrope" and "jasmine" were somehow in my head for whatever reason.I guess probably because I read Fragrantica's description and reviews a bunch, in anticipation of my purchase.

But it is more balsamic on my mom in law and really sillage bomb on her. HP and Lou Lou both of them are not sweet on me, they are powdery vanilla. Needed more attempts to understand it, but finally I`ve fell in love with this unique scent. I`ve tested it in work - inside manufacturing plant in full production (with warm & heavy stinky air) and I could clearly smell Lou Lou for 3-4 hours, so it`s really strong perfume with great longevity.

Now, because I am returning to my inner fragrance scent hound origins, primarily because of scented grandmothers of mine they lived through the Depression and WWII and the Elizabeth Taylor 1950's--I get to choose.

Here's the snap: I had no idea how this smelled, only that I wanted it and couldn't have it because I was afraid it was too bold.

I feel it has a creamy, slightly spiced dessert smell. If they made "floral" snacks instead, chewy and punched with flavor, you would feel like eating flowers in a dessert, instead of fruit, or maybe with a little of a plum jam.

I think that's the vanilla and the cinnamon wood (though I could very well be wrong). The weird part is that I cannot identify a single flower. I have no idea what iris, heliotrope or ylang-ylang smells like anymore.

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