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These two entered into a relationship that lasted around a year.This is the season that brought us the always funny Erica Rose, who would later go on to star on "The Bachelor Pad Glad that the show could finally have another working relationship.She then went on to be the Bachelorette and met this hunk.These two got engaged at the end of the season with their relationship lasting a year which is longer than most.After not finding a lasting relationship the first time on "The Bachelor," Jennifer gave this process a second chance on her own season.Schist rejected both of the proposals in the finale and decided to start a relationship with Ferris, the second runner-up. Jerry Ferris is now an actor and can be seen in some TV shows.Runner Up: Bevin Nicole Powers Where They Are Now: This military man proposed, but the two decided to call of their engagement, but continued their relationship.

But you’d think there’d be a statute of limitations on that stuff. His isn’t anywhere near as interesting because the more well-known contestants have been traded out for some lesser knowns. I want to hear what Dave Good, Natalie Getz, Kiptyn Locke, Jesse Kovacs, Chris Lambton, Tenley Molzahn, Ashley Spivey and Wes Hayden have to say, dammit! He also had a web show where he went looking for his next "Princess" (she would actually become a princess).Jennifer Wilson is now happily married and lives in Florida.No joke, this man comes from a long line of royalty in Italy so he just went back to doing what ever it is that the royals do...and run a high end skin care line and pet products.

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