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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... It seems that many people that have it get some liver problems later on.. I have heard stories of lots of things affecting the liver and then add everyday compounding of stress on any one organ - can't be good. Tell your friend Good Luck from us at your friend see a hepatologist. A liver biopsy is also recommended to assess the stage of fibrosis and other issues.get in touch please I feel like I am living in a leper colony.a nurse in Arkansasthen how do you get in touch with people if you can't have an e-mail address ? There are quite a few dating sites that seek to hook up the hepatitis C community.She was soooo right, but, didn't disclose the fact that it can take almost as long to recover as it took for the virus to ravage my body.... Byrd: I injected alot of drugs when I was younger and was told when I got tested for AIDS and Hep C about 7 years ago that I had Hep C.I'm an exercise fanatic, and when I couldn't exercise to deal with all the things I use it to deal with, I thought I was gonna die.... Plus, people are not kind when you're ill, long term, and I'm trying to still deal with that as well.... After my last test, the liver doctor told me that the only cure they still have for Hep C is interferon, but they found out they can use smaller doses.20% of those who contract Hep C, ...."clear" the virus just by their own immune system.Viral Hepatitus is the name for the family of viri "Hepatitus", A, B, C, D E etc.

((I was almost at the point where I was ready to give up))---I couldn't believe the first doctor I saw told me the lymph node in my armpit was an infected and ingrown hair from shaving.... In the case of the "C" type, there are different strains or "genotypes".

At that point, they'd thought it was incurable, but it was inconsistent how it only seemed to have deadly consequnces for about 5% of those who had it.

Now, afew years down the road, they're finding out that alot of people don't even have it anymore, which leads them to different conclusions than they had when it was first discovered: 1) It seems most if not all people who die of it have had a history of strong drinking or drug usage which kept on going probably even after they knew they had or should have known they had liver damage.

A and B are "acute" and "easy" to catch, C is "chronic" contracted through "blood to blood", usually IV use, transfusions, and in some rare cases tattoo needles.

There are Non-Viral causes of hepatitus: alcoholism, Wilson’s disease, Alpha 1-Antitrypsin deficiancy, etc.

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