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Her flawless complexion is proof that she follows her own tried-andtested routine.

My grandmother's cleansing regime involved rubbing in a few dollops of Pond's Cold Cream and removing it with a flannel soaked in warm water.

If she fancied a change, she would switch to 4711 eau de cologne, a scent that reminded her of her father.

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She never wore perfume, but kept a bottle of Yardley's lavender water on her dressing table, which she dabbed on her pulse points on special occasions.

My grandmother bought me my first lipstick, as long as I promised not to tell my mother.

It was a tiny bullet of Outdoor Girl's Old Wine, which was a wicked, glossy redblack, and I liked to think smelled of wine as well.

CARMEX lip balm, Pond's Cold Cream and Vaseline - products beloved by Grandma have made a comeback.

Beauty columnist ELSA Mc ALONAN shares her recollections of her grandmother Florence's dressing table.

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