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I will brush her hair behind her ear, maybe I'll do something corny like find a flower to place there. I'll try my best, I'll confess, and I'd do it by the campfire, but how do I get her to camp with me? I'll convince her to come with me, I NEED to do it.She's such a girly girl, she has never camped before! It's as if I am sick with obsession and I've got to try to find relief.Chad starts to feel his pumping, there is something happening to his body, something he has never felt before.

He rushes down the stairs, his head is full of horny thoughts of his beautiful girlfriend, Jill, and he doesn't hear his mother greet him.

He walks outside and looks for his car, it's gone, he throws his hands up in the air and goes back inside. " Cherie explains that the car is in his father's name, technically it's his car.

Chad knows that his dad takes the car away when he wants to punish him, but this is so unfair, it's the last day that's he's grounded.

The last day of school is tomorrow, finals, and I can't sleep again. More and more details about how I could tell her she's beautiful.

She doesn't think she is, but I will make her believe it.

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