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She made good pocket money selling ‘kacang putih’ (legumes) and ‘nasi bungkus’ (packed rice meals) to school friends.

She eventually made her way to Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang to pursue a degree in education, majoring in Malay Literature and History.

She eventually decided to start a business in the field of beauty and grooming and enrolled in a grooming course.

THE BIRTH OF VIDA BEAUTY After learning the trade, she made the bold decision to take on a RM100,000 bank loan to open a beauty salon.

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The writer recently had the chance to interview the enterprising businesswoman and learned of her tumultuous journey from rags to riches.“With a teacher’s salary of RM3,000 at the time, I had pay back a bank loan of RM2,000.I used the balance to pay for my rent and car installments and to survive. As she was still new to a business on that scale, Hasmiza naively spent all her loan money on renovation works.The 44-year-old born in Machang, Kelantan often stars in her own product advertisements, promoting her range of beauty and healthcare products.The wealth she has built has enabled her to sponsor a variety of popular television entertainment programmes and even a football team.

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