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PHP can be deployed on most Web servers and also as a standalone shellon almost every operating system and platform free of charge.A competitor to Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) server-side script engine and similar languages, PHP is installed on more than 20 million Web sites and 1 million Web servers.

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[Open source, LGPL]Post data to the message boards, guestbooks and other scripts with different submission form structure.Now that will do it, Install the chat as usual, when the integration page come up , chose to install PHP fusion V7.02.03.I have installed the script using the root folder where all the php-fusion files resides, the “FLASHCHAT” folder is with the php-fusion files.[Open source, GPL]PHP scripts, including Free Lance, is a reverse Auction site; PHP Help Desk/Knowledge Base Solution, Joke Script, Escrow System Click, Crush Link Type of Site, Polls Server, Job Site, Web Site Monitoring, Desktop based Enterprise Messenger, Software Product Listing (Like Hotscripts).[Commercial]Set of Php Classes for creating charts and graphs.

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